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Eric Camper - Owner

Eric Camper has been a professor of computer modeling and animation for over a decade, currently teaching full time at the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati. His research in motion capture and virtual reality has been ongoing.  Eric has been to India twice, and is a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation.  In 2014, he started the first floatation center in the Cincinnati/Tri-State area, called FloatSource.  Lately, he has been investigating the combination of floatation and virtual reality, which he calls FloatVR.

Phoebe Salyers - Attendant

Our licensed massage therapist Phoebe Salyers uses a unique integrative technique by fusing deep tissue, Swedish flow, acupressure and gentle stretching. Her passion is alternative health and she believes the human body possesses the innate capability to heal itself. With her intuitive approach, she will promote homeostasis and healing in the body leaving you rejuvenated and restored.

She graduated from Cincinnati School of Medical Massage in 2009. Phoebe believes floating is one of the most relaxing experiences out there. It significantly reduces stress levels and will leave you refreshed, relaxed and glowing. She highly recommends coupling your float with massage therapy to give you the optimal floating experience and enhance your post -float glow.